U.S. Army Signal Network Enterprise Center - Fort Lee

The Network Enterprise Center- Fort Lee (NEC-Lee) is the focal point for all information management requirements for the installation. NEC-Lee provides support for a variety of information technology services to the Fort Lee community.

NEC-Lee provides Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Management (C4IM) common-user policies, standards, architectures, programs, plans and budgets for communications, information assurance, and automations support to the installation under the Army’s Transformation of Installation Management (TIM) concept. The diversity of services provided incorporates the talents of a multi-talented workforce of civilian and military personnel. In an ever changing, dynamic information technology era, NEC-Lee is constantly assessing, developing, supporting, acquiring, refining, and providing a wide array of services.

Our mission is to provide timely and quality world class support to service members and civilians by implementing and executing effective and efficient C4IM services and support.

The Signal Network Enterprise Center-Lee is responsible for and supports all aspects of information management here at Fort Lee, Virginia.

NEC-Lee coordinates and directs C4IM services for the command to include automation, telecommunications, and information assurance. The NEC's goal is to provide the best quality for products or services rendered.

Director Deputy Director NEC Administrative Assistant
(804) 734-7302 (804) 734-7250 (804) 734-7302
Business Management and Plans Desktop and System Support Network and Switch
(804) 734-7311 (804) 734-7382 (804) 734 7567
Plans, Architecture, and Services Operations Branch Server Management Branch Information Assurance Division
(804) 734-7500 (804) 734-7475 (804) 734-7351
Telephone Trouble Report Operator/Information
(804) 734-7515 (804) 765-3000
Computer User Test NEC Service Desk
The IA user test is a mandatory requirement before a Ft. Lee user's account can be requested and created.
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Automated incident and problem management system open to all Ft. Lee computer users. (Internal use only)
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Mission Statement: Provide reliable and responsive communications and information services to allow Fort Lee to plan, train, deploy, execute, and sustain the full spectrum of contingency and combat operations.


Vision Statement: Fort Lee's NEC Team focused on executing as a versatile, agile, and adaptive information technology enabler; ready for joint and collaborative operations; and providing for the training, readiness, and well-being of our work force and customers.

  • COMMITMENT to continuously improve our processes to achieve the highest quality in products and services.
  • INNOVATION encouraged, good ideas and performance recognized.
  • INTEGRITY courtesy, respect, open and honest communication with all customers and employees.
  • SELFLESS SERVICE to do "whatever it takes" to accomplish the mission.
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT by providing quality customer service.
  • TEAMWORK in decisions and actions.